After a two hour drive that consisted nothing short of road rage, singing along to an old Journey greatest hits CD, and plenty of u-turns because we could have sworn the GPS said to turn at the next light, we arrive at the home of Cody Miskelley, lead guitarist for Sinema, who greets Olyvia and I along with Nathan Howell, the bassist. Olyvia is a long-time friend and photographer of mine that I’ve decided to take along for the ride. We’re welcomed inside and wait for the other two band members, Ryan and Andrew, the lead singer and drummer for the band to arrive while Cody and Nathan continue to set what equipment they have there. While waiting, I soon take over the music selection and it’s not too long before we are all singing along to Marilyn Manson. Finally, everyone arrives drums, beer, and whiskey in hand. They begin playing within a matter of minutes. Musically, Sinema offers a unique 80’s inspired sound that makes you do nothing but crave more. My personal favorites from the band include “Dangerously Dangerous”, “Between Heaven and Hell” featuring Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate, and “High Times”. The band members were gentlemen that offered nothing but warm and honest answers and stories both on and off of the record. And I was fortunate enough to join my friends for our first official interview after one that had been previously canceled. Throughout the interview we learned that 2015 will hold endless opportunity for the band with new music videos, album releases, and big touring dates. But if there is anything I took from this it’s that I’m glad to have met these guys when I did with so much still ahead of them. Sinema show’s are theatrical with heels, big multicolored hair, and of course a good amount of blood to match. Certainly something you don’t want to miss, which is why I’m hoping to see you lined up with me outside of The Masquerade this Sunday to see them! This is the first time Sinema has been with SMF Live, and I certainly hope that it’s not the last.

With love,


Editor-in-Chief, SMF Live Birmingham

Smf: Let’s hear a brief history of the band.

Ryan: I started the band with Marlon in 2011 and we had Taylor, Alexander, and Noman. Noman is in Decode now. And Jake Davis was on the bass. We went through a period of, you know, being at each other’s necks and Noman along with Taylor eventually quit and we kinda gave Jake the boot, sorry about it, and we stopped playing shows for a brief period of time in 2012 up until Cody and I –

(Laughter from both)

– had a drug filled night and we decided that he needed to be in the band. And after a few weeks I said “You know, it only makes sense that one of my other best friends is in the band.” So we talked to Nathan about joining in and playing the bass. So we went on for a while and got together November of 2012 when Nathan, Cody, and I put some songs together.

Smf: Have you always been the primary writer?

R: Well, all of us get in and write together but a lot of our songs were already written at this point except for “High Times” and “Crazy” which we wrote in the studio. But anyway, again, we got together in November of 2012 and played instrumentally without Marlon, got back together with Marlon to play a New Years show, then we got back into the studio where Marlon finished recording all of the drum tracks until he came to us and he quit.

Cody: We could see it coming. But of course we didn’t want to kick him out because he’s our friend.

Andrew: I will say I was in shock finding out, but then again, at that time I was an outsider looking in.

R: But as soon as I got that text message, the first thing that popped into my head was that I needed to talk to Andrew. Because Andrew was a drummer and had been in bands before even though he hadn’t played in a while I knew he had rhythm. Good rhythm! So when I began talking to him he was immediately like “Okay I see where this is going!”

Smf: So Andrew how were you available at that time? Were you working on any projects? 

A: At the time I had stopped playing the drums, like Ryan said. I’ve known Ryan since I was maybe twelve but anyway I had put down the drums for a while to play guitar and work on some solo stuff. But I had remained in touch with Ryan, so once Marlon left he started talking to me and I told him how I hadn’t played in a few months but that I’d try anyway, and I was surprised I even make it in because I thought I wouldn’t do the band justice but-

C: But he did!

A: I guess I did, yeah! (laughter)

C: Well he came and “tried out” at least

A: But you know I had been doing my own thing for a while, and I had been a big fan of these guys for a while.

R: Oh yeah, he actually had been to our shows when Marlon was still in the band. But when Andrew was with us for our come back show, after I was in my accident, everyone started coming to us saying “Wow, you guys sound so much tighter now. Whatever it is, that kid plays better with you, and you sound better as a group.”

A: For the record, I think Marlon is great and I’ve always really liked him.

C: Absolutely, Andrew just seems to work better with us as a unit.

Smf: Okay so lets move onto musical and non-musical influences. 

Nathan: All right!

R: Well then you can start since you said “All right!”

N: Some of our musical influences include the popular glam metal bands of the 80’s. Such as, Kiss and Motley Crue, primarily, Then, we move forward into the late 80’s and early 90’s where we meet one of the greatest metal bands to ever exist, Pantera.

Smf: Right on!

C: Woo! (Laughter)

N: Who are Cody and Ryan’s main guitar influences.

R: Hold up! Not my primary.

N: Okay well then one at least. His primary would be Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and Ozzy Osbourne. But bass wise for me you have the obvious like Nikki Sixx and Twiggy.

Smf: Twiggy is awesome.

N: Of course! Along with Gene Simmons, to an extent. He’s just a douche.

A: But he’s an underrated bass player!

N: No I agree, he is an underrated bass player, but he’s a douche.

Smf: But it’s Gene Simmons, that’s kind of his thing.

C: No that’s Axl Rose’s thing!

Smf: He is so beyond that! 

(Band chimes in singing “Sweet Child of Mine”)

R: You know, I love Axl Rose, I’m not going to lie. Nathan and I actually went to see him in 2011 and it was awesome!

N: They played for three hours!

R: That’s why everyone thinks he can’t sing anymore! Because all that people record are the hits at the end of the set once’s he’s been singing for two and a half hours when his voice is gone!

C: Let’s hear Andrews influences!

A: I actually listen to a lot of old jazz drummers like Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, and guys like that who are fucking crazy. They are better than most metal drummers even. But then again I really like Tommy Lee and Peter Chriss.

Smf: You guys are slightly obsessed.


A: Tommy and I actually have the same birthday!

R: Tommy Chong and I actually have the same birthday, so imagine that!

N: Speaking of which, we do all share one particular non-musical influence…

C: Ha, weed!

R: Or Mary Jane. But we like Jack Daniels too, he’s a good guy.

C: I’m influenced by a musical cornucopia of things. My favorite band is Kings of Leon who influenced me so much that they are the entire reason why I started playing guitar. But The Used influenced me to start singing.

R: My influences, both in life and music, Zakk Wylde on guitar, Paul Stanley on vocals. Well, the old Paul Stanley. Rest in peace Paul Stanley’s voice. And outside of music I’d have to say my Grandfather.

A: The people around us influence us!

All: Yeah, absolutely.

N: My biggest three are these guys!

R: Aw, Nathan you kiss ass!

C: Note, that’s the only sweet thing he’s ever said.

Smf: But hey, it’s recorded!

C: Exactly! Now we have proof!

R: Now we can blackmail you with it, Nathan.

Smf: We’ve talked about the past, so where is the band going? How have you improved and where do you see yourselves in a year? What are some goals?

R: I was actually talking to Andrew about this on the way here. My main goal for 2015 is to start touring. Finally, nationwide touring.

Smf: So who is mainly in charge of getting shows? Because without a manager it’s all just left to you guys. 

C: We’re the musketeers of management!

R: When we first started most of the load was on me, but as time went on I became more like “Okay I need help with this. I’m not able to just to this on my own.” So everybody pulls their own weight. If I’m working or just busy I’ll message Cody or Nathan and be like “Hey can you handle this?”

C: Usually I get stuck with the mad people.

A: I think my main thing is online publicity.

Smf: Which we’ll definately touch on because, Ryan, that’s something you and I have discussed before.

R: Right.

Smf: Well, let’s go ahead and talk about that actually. As far as Twitter goes, you guys are good. But Facebook doesn’t seem to be working out so well. Why is that?

R: Here’s the thing about Facebook, you may have a good amount of friends but all you can really do is just invite them to like your page. Twitter you follow someone and when they follow you back you learn about them right at that moment. Facebook, even if a ton of people like your page, only a good ten percent of them will see what you post if you’re lucky. That’s the money scheme so that you’ll sponsor your post.

N: So the 1,500 or so people that like our page will never get to see what we post, it becomes more like only one hundred people see it.

A: But I feel like soon Twitter won’t be the big website to be on because I remember when Myspace was great for putting what you needed up.

R: Even on Myspace you had to friend people. You didn’t just ask people if they would like your page.

N: They just instantly saw what you posted.

C: And it’s weird how Facebook works because only things with the most amount of likes or comments will make it to the top of your feed. These guys can post something and it will be days until I see it after people have all ready started to comment on it.

A: Right. It’s been a lot harder to reach out to people on Facebook.

Smf: Any plans on how to change that?

N: I read this intersting article on Alternative Press that talked about how the best way to reach people on Facebook was through groups. I even participate in a few groups on Facebook.

C: Same.

N: All on different topics, but every time someone makes a post to the group, you know. It gives you a notification so that you’ll go back and look at it. So I think that’s a way we could really improve our Facebook problem.

Smf: So instead of waiting for that to show up in your news feed you’d just instantly get a notification? 

N: Right, because you’re part of that group.

R: The hardest thing about being in a band is just getting people to know you exist.

A: It’s hard to stand out since there are so many bands out there.

R: People see bands and think that they just got there over night. You can go out at night and look at the stars but that doesn’t mean those are the only ones up there. It’s so much more than anyone thinks it is.

Smf: Maybe that helps you appreciate things a little more when you work harder to get it. We’re about to take a break, do you guys was to say something before we end this segment? 

R: Absolutely! A big thing for us is to not judge a book by it’s cover. I get on stage with my heels and more makeup than most women wear and Cody tends to look…dead on stage.

C: Gotta love the bruises!

R: Right, gotta love the bruises. And his pink makeup.

C: Our name in Sinema so obviously we’re there to put on a fucking show!

A:I think a big thing for the band is that we want people to see us and believe they can do what they want to do while being who they want to be.

Smf: Well, once you guys are big, that’s the thing-

R: I’m sorry, I like the way you worded that.

N: I love the way you worded that!

Smf: That’s the thing that will help you stand out! Because you haven’t conformed to the look everyone else is going after. 

R: This may sound horrible, but before we mentioned how much we love Pantera, and if there is anything we’ve learned from them it’s that trends come and then they fucking die. And we aren’t here to be a trend. We aren’t here just to make people happy. I see bands post all of the time “What do you want to hear on our next album?” And that’s just the most unoriginal thing you can do. If you aren;t making what you feel because it’s what you like then you’re just going to fade out. Any other questions you want to ask for now?

Smf: I think I’m going to hold off for now, Olyvia do you have anything?

R: Come on, think outside of the box!

Smf: What do you think of George Bush?

N: Oh god.


C: I don’t think you want to know.

Smf: Are there any political influences that go into the music? Think of your two big songs right now “High and Mighty” and “Between Heaven and Hell” how did those lyrics come to be?

C: Lay the smack down Ryan!

R: Lets start this with “Between Heaven and Hell” I wrote that in high school before I ever even had a band. I may be a rock star but I am like Rob Halford in the way that I am not like most rock stars. Anyone that knows Rob Halford knows what I mean-

N: It’s because he’s gay!

R: And I’ve had people not take me seriously because of it. So with that I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place with every decision I made because, while I do want people to like me, I don’t give a mother fuck. So that is about knowing what you want, knowing you just want to get there more than anything else, but feeling like you’re stuck because of what people think about you.

Smf: How do you overcome those insecurities? Especially being a gay rock musician right now.

R: It clicks in your head that if someone likes me before they know but decide they don’t like me once they know, then I don’t care about you, because you’re an ignorant fuck.

C: That’s right!

R: But it wasn’t long ago because before I had been in relationships but I never put them on Facebook. The relationship I’m in now is one I’m very public about.

Smf: I mean, you and Kyle are ridiculously cute!

C: Exactly!

R: Thank you! And, okay, I have to stop because I’ll talk about “Between Heaven and Hell” for days. High and Mighty is about how…I’m obviously not a believer in any god or deity that can be named…

Smf: So are you on the spiritual side of that or the Athiest side of things? 

R: I don’t know where to draw my line in the sand. But I don’t like being told what to do because of other people’s bullshit. That’s happened all of my life, and one night, a family member just decided to open their mouth and I unloaded. But then turned around and wrote “High and Mighty” Or, well, I wrote the first verse and then some but it wasn’t until later when we had issues with promoters that I wrote the rest.

C: It’s just about people who think they are better than you because what they believe is “right.”

A: People that just want to push their perspective on you.

C: I feel like Ryan and I are at least the same in the way we are spiritually about how to treat others.

R: We don’t need a book or rules for us to know how to just be good people.

N: Like “High and Mighty” says, “I believe in myself, and my belief is devout.” So I’m a Nathan-thiest. Or a Sinemathiest!

Smf: You guys should just start your own religion!


N: My religion is you.

R: We love Gaga, too.

N: Totally, she’s the queen of the gays.

C: I must admit, I am a fan. Maybe that’s why people think I’m the gay one!

N: Our band is half gay. It’s me and Ryan. And that’s how we make our public appearances! Ryan and I are the gay side and Andrew and Cody are the straight side!

Smf: Except, Andrew gets put kind of in the middle…


C: We should probably switch places, bro!

R:Scoot over boy, scoot over!

N: It’s okay Andrew, it’ll come out in the wash.

R: You say that, and one day we’ll walk into Andrew face deep in a ____.

Smf: Censorship, guys! And poor Andrew looks so uncomfortable right now! 

(More laughter)

A: I can’t wait for this to be published online. Make that the title! Andrew face deep in a ____.

Smf: Maybe you’ll get lucky and people will skim over the part about the drummer. 

R: See, no we don’t believe in that. Although, Nathan is our bass player, and nobody likes Nathan. I’m joking of course! Nathan is a dear.

N: Not a dear person, only as in the animal.

C: Man those things taste good!

Smf: Cody, you redneck.

C: I actually had some the other day. It was so good.


Smf: Note, the redneck comments because we are in the middle of nowhere called Childersburg. 

C: Actually you passed Childersburg on the way here! Right now we’re in Fayetville. Childersburg was back at the light before you got here.

Olyvia: It’s still far away from civilization.

R: Well, if you, uh…(hiccup) nevermind! I forgot what I was going to say! (Laughs)

Smf: How’s that Jack, Ryan? 

C: Hell yeah, he’s my inspiration! That and Stone Cold Steve fucking Austin is another!

R: And that’s the bottom line!

C: Why?

R: Because Stone Cold said so!

C: God damn right! He’s also an influence with my fashion.

R: With the broken skull thing?

Smf: That reminds me! Those awesome shirts, who designed them? 

C: Our tattoo artist!

N: We were thinking one day about what our next merch idea should be and in the process we were enjoying a good, uh, smoke. And in the middle of that we said “What should we put on these shirts?”

Smf: So were there multiple designs to go through? 

R: No, it started with this one and ended with this one. I hate to say this, bit we are smart people, but we are also simple people! We know what we want so it’s very easy to get our idea across to people. The people we hang out with are like us so they just get it. It snaps. Just like you! You’re here because we like you!

C: That’s true. We aren’t assholes.

R: Well, they aren’t.

C: Seriously, I’ve never let anyone I know that I didn’t like come over to this house. One time I made a guy drop me off down the road so I could get here alone!

[Now here is where we go into hilarious and slightly inappropriate conversation that is best left off record for both parties.]

N: We love our grinders!

C: Hell yeah we love our grinders! For…tobacco.

N:Strictly tobacco of course.

R: These grinders are for oregano!


R: I’m enjoying this.

[And with more hilarious and inappropriate conversation, we take a break.]

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Smf: So here we are again! Lets jump right into this one – relationships. How have they changes joining a band? 

N: We’ll let Ryan take this one.

R: Lets answer this one in parts. It took my family a long time to like the band. They had to come see us before they liked it. Band mate relationships were difficult but not anymore because we get together and drink and play and just have a really good time! It doesn’t always sound awesome but the thing is that even in rehearsals if it sounds bad at the time, by a show we pull it together. And of course sexual relationships, especially serious ones, are emotional. But then again, song writing is emotional. I usually write when I get pissed but I can still be writing and begin to get emotions outside of just being pissed.

C: Usually anger is laced with sadness.

N: I don’t date. But my relationships with others around me do influence my music. My parents are involved, and my Mom enjoys our band a lot!

R: She’s awesome.

N: And so do my Grandparents. My Grandmother wears our band shirt all of the time! And the guys here in the band make me feel…like I can actually plat, which is nice.


A: My parents always support me and told me to always do what I wanted to. But otherwise I don’t have much of a social life outside of these guys. I play music and it’s nice to have people on the same wave length as I am.

Smf: So on the flip side of things, how does loneliness play a part in all of this? 

R: Oh god.

A: I think moments of that can be inspirational, but after so long you become numb to it. You just have to try to find a good social balance.

C: I’ve never had much opposition in my life, but it’s a lonely one, because like Nathan I don’t date.

R: I love my boyfriend! It just took me a very long time to find that.

C: It’s hard finding someone to connect to. I have not and will not settle for anything or anyone.

N: Absolutely.

C: My happiness can’t bloom from settling. So right now I’m a flower floating in the wind with these guys! It’s honestly me and my head for most of the time.

Smf: How are you guys hoping to inspire others with your music? If you are even trying to do so. 

R: This is difficult…

C: I feel like we each have a completely different answer.

R: Okay, here’s the thing about inspiring people, I feel like there are a lot of bands now writing preatchy-ass music. And if these kids need that much inspiration and are looking to rock stars for that, then that’s bad! Very bad.

C: We are not role models.

R: No, we aren’t role models! And we shouldn’t be writing something to intentionally inspire someone.

N:Because then it’s not genuine. They’re just doing it for the money.

R: Now if someone finds something in lyrics I have then, awesome! That makes me feel better than it could ever make them feel.

A: And for those who just want to play music. If someone said they wanted to start playing drums because they saw me then that would be pretty awesome.

N: I feel like for Ryan and I we want to send the message that gay people can be in rock bands.

R: And so does Rob Halford!

N: And that we aren’t stuck to some pop thing and we don’t have to be the stereotypical club gays. That we can be…different.

C:Wait…was there a question?

A: Well, yeah…

C: Nathan did you answer?

R: Cody, I think you’re drunk.

C: Yeah well I think you are….I don’t know.

Smf: Ryan I think that goes on to prove your point! 


Smf: Any advice for bands just starting out? 

R: My advice to anyone wanting to be in a band – if you want to be the most technical musician or whatever, fuck all of that – Find a friend that plays music and one that can grow with you as a musician, because if you aren’t in a band with your friends then you will be miserable.

A: I’d say to not be afraid to do your own thing. To write your own music even without necessarily having someone else there.

N: My advice is to tune your instrument before you get on stage!

C: Always important! And leave out all of the immature petty-bullshit arguing. Let it go!

Smf: What do you like most about what you do and least about what you do? Some pros and cons. 

R: Pro, it’s fucking fun. Even when shit hits the fan you can still say or do something to make it fun. Being on stage for me is almost better than sex, almost! The cons are dealing with assholes and being a “broke musician.” Because that sucks.

C: It’s the worst.

R: And look around this room, none of this equipment is cheap, especially for us. Plus shirts, grinders, posters – uh, tobacco grinders- all of it costs money! And that’s definitely a con.

N: We get to hangout and be on stage with our three best friends, to quote our song “High Times!”

R: They never let me down!


N: But just getting to play for people. Battle of the Bands was huge.

C: Now that was a show!

Smf: What was the show with the pot leaf tights, Ryan? 

R: Why, do you want me to bring them back?

Smf: I don’t know…


Smf: It’s a pretty intense outfit. 

C: I can feel it coming back again!

A: I’m pretty sure there’s a picture of me in the audience at that show.

C: There is!

R: Who thinks I should bring back the pot leaf pants? Show of hands!

(All raises hands)

R: It’s done.

C: That’s the show we had to finish early!

R: It was actually either eight or twelve days before my accident. But yeah, we ended that show because we had fireball that got us so drunk Marlon kept saying “I can’t play anymore songs, I’m going to throw up!” So I said “Okay well let’s do ‘Crazy’ and we’ll get off stage.” But moving on…

A: Well, I haven’t been in a shit-ton of bands but I’ve been in a few and for me it’s great to be with people that just make it all just feel…right.

C: Pros are, it’s fucking fun! Like Ryan said. Onstage, the feeling I get is absolutely like nothing in this world. And it makes me feel like a bad ass! Honestly, usually I just sit here, but once I get onstage I’m not Bruce Banner anymore, I’m the fucking Hulk! But the cons are nothing compared, which is why I do it.

Smf: Nathan, we’ve already compared you to an adorable little deer- 

N: Thank you!

Smf: but they are also clumsy. Have you ever had a fall onstage? 

N: Yes.


N: But I do not fall the most!

Smf: Who has fallen the most? 

N: Our lead singer Ryan holds the record for falling. In our first show he fell backwards.

R: Yeah I did! I busted my ass. But I got right back up!

C: He did too!

R: If I’m going to fall, I’m going to get right back up, and pretend that it was part of the show!

C: He gets up and says “Make some noise so I didn’t bust my ass for nothing!”

R: While we were shooting the music video we had a bottle of Jack-

C: for an hour!

R: For an hour! Then it was gone. Craig got there so we started and on the second run through I fell, and I almost fell on Craig!

Smf: Almost being the key there! 

R: Almost!

[Ryan pours another Jack and Diet Coke, and we take a break.]

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C: This is some good Jack!

R: We have to finish this before they leave.

C: I have a feeling we will.

Smf: Let’s move on into our next set of questions. 

C: Carry on my wayward journalist!

Smf: Any song you guys have had to take down a couple of notches? 

C: Atlanta, remember?

R: Right! We played in Douglasville one time, and the venue is owned by super Christian people.

Smf: Uh oh. 

R: Before we even played they went to all of the bands and said “If you cuss, don’t!” and I was immediately like “Oh Shit! How do we even do that?”

C: No! At first he was like “No, fuck that! I’m going to cuss anyway. I don’t care!” But we got together and decided we could just tone it down.

R: I said “Bitch” and “damn” and as soon as I got off stage I went straight to the people and I was like “I am…so sorry.”

Smf: Musical families? 

C: Actually my Grandfather on my Dad’s side had a brother. Jack –

R: Daniels!

C: Jack Miskelley! And he played and could sing and I could remember seeing him maybe twice while I was younger. But there isn’t anyone that plays in my family now other than me. Except my Grandmother was a gospel singer and she was part of a group that toured and everything. There’s a video somewhere with me singing with her she hold onto because she says it’s the most adorable thing ever. But I enjoyed listening to her.

A: My Dad plays the accordion!

C: That’s because your Dad is bad ass! He’s the nicest, coolest, and most caring person I’ve ever met.

A: I’m very fortunate.

C: I agree. I had to add that, I think very highly of your Dad.

A: Well thank you.

Smf: Nathan? 

N: As far as older than me my Dad told me he was once in a band for a short period of time. He played bass too, which is weird, but he stopped before he was an adult really. And between my sisters, both of them play music.

R: My Grandfather that passed away a few years ago played guitar and he’s the reason why I picked one up in the first place. I would lay my head up on his acoustic while he played and it was the most beautiful thing you could ever hear. That was so profound and had such a profound impact on my life. I wanted to learn since I could even comprehend learning.

Smf: Thoughts on formal music education? 

C: Fuck that!

R: I went to college and was in an audition-only choir. You can’t tell when I sing rock music, but I’m classically trained and I can sing opera.

N: That he can!

R: But I don’t. I feel like, yes, being self taught is important but knowing your shit is also important.

N: I did band in high school and I think it’s very helpful knowing how to read and compose music but I don’t think it’s really necessary. I was originally going into that for my major but I don’t like the band program where I’m at so I changed it. I think formal music education is awesome if that’s something you’re into.

A: Yeah, I tried majoring in music for maybe a semester, but it make me hate it. I didn’t have any of the creative freedom that I had when I was just writing my own stuff. You can’t tell someone how to be an artist. They just have to develop it on their own.

C: When I say “Fuck that shit!” I don’t mean it’s stupid, I’m just one hundred percent self taught. While I can look at something and try to play along that’s just not how I learn.

R: But I book learn.

C: The original way I learned was watching a Kings of Leon live DvD. I’d look at where they were putting their hands and did it until it sounded right. My ear for music has improved too a lot since then. I was Jean Gray but now I’m the fucking Phoenix!

R: Is that the official name, fucking Phoenix?

Smf: How is a day spent prepping for a show? 

Cody: Musicals baby!

R: Musicials, but first I go looking around the world for a u-haul. Pick up Andrew, listen to country music until we get here – late. We load up everything and get into the car! And obviously listen to musical soundtracks on the way there.

C: Tiny Tim!

R: We get to the show – late. And that’s pretty much our ritual other than unloading everything of course. Once we’re done we go load everything back up and head home.

N: No, to Al’s to sober up!

R: Oh yeah, we go to Al’s Mediterranean Grill to sober up, then we head home! Once we’re back Andrew heads back with his Dad, I go off to Kyle’s, and Nathan usually is here with Cody watching X-Men.

[This leads us into a long conversation of X-Men and chess.]

R: This interview really has just turned into a conversation for all of us, hasn’t it? But then again…those are the best ones.

Smf: I completely agree. 

[More drinks were poured, more music was played before a stack of Marshalls were knocked over, more laughter was shared, and at one o’clock in the morning Cody walks us to the car. Olyvia and I leave with one hell of an interview and a pair of tickets for the next show in hand.] 


“Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.”

Upcoming Events: The Once In a Lifetime Tour


Two bands I know for sure that will be there: Sinema and Broken Authority, both amazing bands that are worth way more than the little $10 these tickets cost. Broken Authority also happens to be one of the bands that opened for Puddle of Mudd (apparently everyone was there Friday.) The show is all ages and tickets are dirt cheap so what else are you really doing on a Sunday night? Get down to Zydeco!




Broken Authority